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Fruits and Honey

Located in beautiful Ramona, CA, we are a micro-winery specializing in country wines (non-grape fruit wines) and meads (honeywine). Here at Blue Honey, we believe the fruits and honey are the stars of the show.  We source from local farms in Ramona, and Fairfield Farms and Solidarity Farms in Pauma Valley, CA, for the sweet, ripe fruits we use in making our wines .  We use only raw, unfiltered honey for our meads.  Our friends up the road at Trumper's supply us with our local honey. If you get a chance, stop by to pay them a visit. They have a delightful variety of honey, dried fruit snacks and all types of jerky! They're open to the public on weekends.


If we're not buying locally from Trumper's, we import honey from Hawaii from our friends at Wao Kele Honey in Hawaii.  Shawn "da honey man" runs their family-owned beehive and honey business.  We met him during our homebrewing/winemaking days and have stuck with him ever since. We always know where we get our honey from, and it's always straight from a beekeeper. 



With such great, fresh local ingredients, all we do is add a little love to enhance the fruit and honey flavors, to create these delicious unique wines and meads. If you're looking for new libations to quench your thirst and to share with good friends and family, give Blue Honey's carefully crafted concoctions a try. You won't be disappointed! 

Trumpers Fruit & Honey Shack
Label on bag of honey
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