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When most people think of wine, they think of wine made from grapes grown on a vine in a vineyard.  Very rarely do people think of country wines or non-grape fruit wines. Perhaps, it's just not as widely known or as popular.  Whatever the reason may be, we're hoping to change that line of thought here at Blue Honey, one goblet or alehorn at a time .


Unlike grape wines, country wines tend to be much more aromatic than grape wines because of the fruit itself used in making wine. Compared to fruit wines, grape wines are much easier to make as fruit wines involve peeling, chopping, squeezing, mashing and/or juicing, in order to prep the fruit for fermentation. Each type of fruit is prepared and handled differently due to it's composition and sugar content. Making country wine is definitely a labor of love!  As country winemakers, there's just nothing better than smelling the fresh, ripe fruit and tasting it's sweetness and freshness beforehand, to ensure us just how aromatic and delicious the wine or mead is going to be.  Here at Blue Honey, the main ingredients, the fruits and honey, are the stars of the show. The fruits we use are always local, ripe and organic. The honey is always 100% raw and unfiltered.  And we always get it straight from a beekeeper. There's just no better way!


One of the main fruits we use are blueberries. When looking at a blueberry, it's composition is similar to that of a wine grape. In making blueberry wine, we discovered that it makes for a good semi-dry to dry wine, similar to a good red wine. When most people think of blueberry wine, they imagine a sweet, dessert wine, more often than not. For those who enjoy a glass of cabernet sauvignon or merlot, our Bluelot (pronounced bloo-low, like Merlot) is a great alternative, whether you're looking for something different or perhaps, you're one of those who are unable to enjoy red wine. We crafted Bluelot to be enjoyed similar to a light to medium-bodied red wine. Fruit-forward on the nose and palette with a hint of sweetness, this blueberry wine finishes delightfully semi-dry.


For those who enjoy a little sweeter side of wine, our other fruit wines all finish semi-sweet, but never overbearingly sweet. Our fragrant Just Peachy and Summer Sunsets fruit wines are just sweet enough to bring out the flavor of the fruit.  Our lemon wines are made from 100% real lemon juice, infused with juicy, ripe fruits to create a refreshing sipper that's tart and lightly sweet. Raspberry Lemon Drop is a favorite of many, but they're all deliciously dangerous. We're currently working on a couple of new wines as we are finding the local fruits that are becoming available from season to season. Stay tuned for some amazing country wine!

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